Kindler Announces Hiatus


After over three amazing years of writing, recording, touring, videoing, Waffle-House-ing, and dealing with hyper-drive malfunctions, we have decided that it's time to step back and take a break from writing and performing. Of course, sometimes these sorts of announcements follow dramatic life events or lineup changes. Unfortunately, our causes are far less entertaining, but still remain valid and, we feel, must be acted on.

Kindler, if anything, has always been a band committed to excellence. That is certainly not to say that everything we've done has been incredible, rather, that we've aspired to a spirit of excellence. Anyone who hangs around us while we create art will know that we take what we do very seriously and try to hold ourselves accountable to high standards of artistic integrity.

Coming off of the release Cosmic Revelations, the "normal" path would have been for us to tour and promote the album heavily over the summer of 2016. After realizing that this would not be possible for us (given work schedules), we changed directions and embarked on a new creative project. As fate would have it, our new project became quickly burdened by a collective lack of musical inspiration.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, it seems safe to say that we will not, under any circumstances, release music to our fans that we do not feel is the very best representation of ourselves at the time. Music is too important to be half-written or performed. It is, indeed, a gift from beyond the stars. As such, we feel it necessary to step away from this project until we feel fully able to channel our creative energy into music that we feel fantastic about, that is hopefully worth our fans' time and hard-earned money.

We would be remiss to not mention the wonderful friends, family, and fans who have helped us come as far as we have. THANK YOU!!! Also, we aren't disappearing. We're always available via email if you'd like to chat with us! We'll continue to work on other projects as well. Cameron has begun releasing solo material under the name Traveler and the Wiley brothers have begun work on a new project as well. 

Until our next transmission, we'd like to leave you with a gift - a previously un-released, acoustic version of The Savior, The Saint. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing our art and passion with you all.



"Cosmic Revelations" Album Release Concert Details

North Carolina progressive rock band Kindler is proud to partner with The Crown at the Carolina and the Greensboro Urban Ministry to celebrate the release of their brand new, full-length album Cosmic Revelations. Kindler will perform favorite selections from the album and will be joined by fellow NC rock bands Bare the Traveler and Stellar Circuits, as well as NC filmmaker Jack Pennington, whose short films will be featured throughout the evening.

Attendees are encouraged to bring pre-packaged food for donation to the Greensboro Urban Ministry food bank. Kindler will honor $1.00 per package of food donated as a discount towards the purchase of merchandise. A list of accepted foodstuffs can be found here.

Tickets are $8 advance / $10 at the door. All ages welcome. Advance tickets may be purchased directly from Carolina Theatre here.


Kindler Announce New Album "Cosmic Revelations"

In a world as transient as music, the Asheboro, NC group Kindler focus on the creation of lasting moments with their rock, experimental, and progressive songs. Consisting of brothers Nick and Stephen Wiley (formerly of Wake of Redemption) and Cameron Fitzpatrick (of TITAN, We Are Masked) they came together with a desire to create something powerful.

Today, Kindler is thrilled to unveil their brand new album, Cosmic Revelations, which will be released on March 11, 2016. Coming off their successful EP, Afterglow, the threesome are ready to make the next step as a band. Similar to Afterglow, Kindler have self-engineered their forthcoming record which was recorded at The Fidelitorium, mixed at The Forest Moon of Endor and mastered by Bob Katz at Digital Domain. The band’s bassist, Cameron Fitzpatrick engineered and mixed all eleven tracks. He expands:

“While we self-engineered both Cosmic Revelations and our EP, Afterglow, this album comes from a slightly different place than the EP. When we recorded Afterglow, we had a lot of concrete ideas about our music and our identity as a band and the material reflected that certainly. The music on the album, Cosmic Revelations, however, is punctuated by what we can an ‘ominous question mark.’ Things change, life is unpredictable, and very little remains certain, and these themes are present in nearly every song on the album.”

With their forthcoming release, fans can expect a sound entirely of their own, they pay homage to the symphonic ambition in Yes, emotional release of Isis, raw power of Mastodon, rhythmic complexity of Tool, melodicism of Fair to Midland and Karnivool, and the intensity and tonal experimentation of Opeth. Their efforts have produced songs that are timeless pieces, both intellectual and emotional, accessible and complex, grandiose and personal. Fans can be on the lookout for a single soon!

Afterglow Album Review: Lady Obscure Magazine

This weekend we caught wind of another review of Afterglow, this time hailing from Turkey! The kind folks over at Lady Obscure Magazine had some wonderful things to say, including:

I always appreciate music where every note, inflection, tone, whisper, effect, only adds to the overall effect, and Kindler does this with aplomb and grace. You can literally hear the brush strokes as they paint their music in the air around, and the overall portrait screams of a band with a tremendous future ahead of them.

We'd like to give a special shout-out to RJ Dunn for penning this review. We look forward to sending you our next release! Head over here for the full review.

Follow @TheLadyObscure and @RJD_lonestar on Twitter.

Concert Review: Cryptic Rock

We just caught wind that the good people at Cryptic Rock were at our recent show with Blameshift at The Rock Shop in Fayetteville, NC. They just put out this review of the concert and we thought we'd share what they had to say about us. Click here for the full article:

The rock band Kindler from Greensboro, NC was next and they provided a powerful punch of energy while on stage.  They possessed the type of stage presence not many local acts have mastered.  Each song brought its own unique emotion and the band certainly proved to the audience that they deserve to be heard by all, and perhaps have what it takes to reach beyond the local scene.

Afterglow Album Review: Powerplay Magazine (UK)

Hi folks! We just received word that a printed review of Afterglow is due for release in the Dec 2013/Jan 2014 release of Powerplay Magazine over in ye olde United Kingdom. Since the magazine likely won't be easy to grab in the US, we've copied their review here. Thanks so much for the kind words!

"Afterglow" is the debut EP from American rockers Kindler. Brothers Nick and Stephen Wiley have been joined by Cameron Fitzpatrick and David Hill to form a quartet with massive ambition if the music on this release is anything to go by. The five tracks that make up this EP are very challenging and yet, at the same time, immediately enjoyable.

Comparisons will likely be made between Kindler and the likes of Fair To Midland and Mastodon, although to be fair, Kindler don't sound anything like clones of either. In actual fact, whilst the approach is similar in that the music is both melodic and technically complex, that's really about it. If we're going down the comparison route, there's merit in suggesting that the rhythms are not overly dissimilar to Tool and the organic feel is reminiscent of Coheed And Cambria. However, in truth, the material on this release calls to mind a myriad of different bands with all the ingredients blended together to create an interesting and intriguing modern alternative and progressive heavy rock sound. If you're up for a bit of a challenge, then get your lugholes around "Afterglow," because you're unlikely to regret it.


Afterglow Album Review: The Equal Ground

Right after our EP released, a writer for The Equal Ground discovered our music via our Bandcamp page. He fired off an email to us suggesting that we submit Afterglow for review and, so, that's exactly what we did. Here we are a few weeks later and their full review has dropped, complete with some wonderfully quote-worthy observations, such as:

“Open Air” has some of the best metal guitar riffs this side of Megadeth as they drive the song into oblivion.


Within the first moments the band is flexing their muscles...

Of course, we know that Stephen was the only one who actually flexed muscles during the recording process. Nonetheless, we're very grateful for the kind words and look forward to keeping up with The Equal Ground - these guys seriously pump out a lot of reviews!

Most importantly, if you want to check out the full review, head over here and be sure to leave some comments! 

Author: Nick Wiley