Kindler Announces Hiatus


After over three amazing years of writing, recording, touring, videoing, Waffle-House-ing, and dealing with hyper-drive malfunctions, we have decided that it's time to step back and take a break from writing and performing. Of course, sometimes these sorts of announcements follow dramatic life events or lineup changes. Unfortunately, our causes are far less entertaining, but still remain valid and, we feel, must be acted on.

Kindler, if anything, has always been a band committed to excellence. That is certainly not to say that everything we've done has been incredible, rather, that we've aspired to a spirit of excellence. Anyone who hangs around us while we create art will know that we take what we do very seriously and try to hold ourselves accountable to high standards of artistic integrity.

Coming off of the release Cosmic Revelations, the "normal" path would have been for us to tour and promote the album heavily over the summer of 2016. After realizing that this would not be possible for us (given work schedules), we changed directions and embarked on a new creative project. As fate would have it, our new project became quickly burdened by a collective lack of musical inspiration.

At the risk of sounding arrogant, it seems safe to say that we will not, under any circumstances, release music to our fans that we do not feel is the very best representation of ourselves at the time. Music is too important to be half-written or performed. It is, indeed, a gift from beyond the stars. As such, we feel it necessary to step away from this project until we feel fully able to channel our creative energy into music that we feel fantastic about, that is hopefully worth our fans' time and hard-earned money.

We would be remiss to not mention the wonderful friends, family, and fans who have helped us come as far as we have. THANK YOU!!! Also, we aren't disappearing. We're always available via email if you'd like to chat with us! We'll continue to work on other projects as well. Cameron has begun releasing solo material under the name Traveler and the Wiley brothers have begun work on a new project as well. 

Until our next transmission, we'd like to leave you with a gift - a previously un-released, acoustic version of The Savior, The Saint. We hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoy sharing our art and passion with you all.