Where We're Headed & What We're Up To

Status Update

So, it's been a while... Since our last post, we've released a music video, done some touring, and recorded a new (crowd-funded) album! As you can imagine, we've recently come out of all that facing a bit of exhaustion. As such, we've taken some time for reflection and planning as we move into the next phase of our journey.

Where We're At

Thus far in 2014, we've:

  • Released "Shifting Ground" - our debut music video. It currently sits at over 8600 views on YouTube. Thanks for your support!
  • Toured all of North Carolina. Multiple times. Met some great people & played with some great bands.
  • Opened for Balance & Composure, The Reign of Kindo, Tides of Man, Blameshift, & Virgil Donati
  • Recorded our first full-length album!

What We're Doing

We've had a blast playing out a lot for the past year and have learned some things along the way - like where the best post-show Waffle Houses are, how to leave your pedal bag in a grubby venue, and how many MPG a truck loses after you attach a trailer to it. While there's absolutely nothing wrong with all of that that, we came to the decision lately that it is time to introduce some variety into our creative output. We want to refocus Kindler, at least for the time being, into an entity that is primarily driven by creation.

In light of that, we're taking the month of October off of touring to craft and introduce our next endeavor - a series of live, on-location, YouTube videos featuring our original music, collaborations with other artists(!) and, perhaps, some covers that make us happy. :-) We can't wait to show you what we have in-store! In fact, go ahead and prepare by subscribing to our YouTube channel here.

Where We're Going

We're looking to finish 2014 with a bang. Our first multi-state tour is in the process of being booked as we speak (taking place in November!)

Oh, and what's this about an album??? We've been pretty hush-hush about it but, rest assured, it is finished! We're currently in the process of getting artwork and working out the details of how it will be released, but it is on the way! 

Lastly, we've recently become profoundly aware of just how few of our updates you receive via social media. As such, we're taking it back a few years and are moving to an email-based flow of information for our fans. If you haven't yet, sign up for our mailing list below and be on the lookout for updates!

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