Afterglow Album Review: Powerplay Magazine (UK)

Hi folks! We just received word that a printed review of Afterglow is due for release in the Dec 2013/Jan 2014 release of Powerplay Magazine over in ye olde United Kingdom. Since the magazine likely won't be easy to grab in the US, we've copied their review here. Thanks so much for the kind words!

"Afterglow" is the debut EP from American rockers Kindler. Brothers Nick and Stephen Wiley have been joined by Cameron Fitzpatrick and David Hill to form a quartet with massive ambition if the music on this release is anything to go by. The five tracks that make up this EP are very challenging and yet, at the same time, immediately enjoyable.

Comparisons will likely be made between Kindler and the likes of Fair To Midland and Mastodon, although to be fair, Kindler don't sound anything like clones of either. In actual fact, whilst the approach is similar in that the music is both melodic and technically complex, that's really about it. If we're going down the comparison route, there's merit in suggesting that the rhythms are not overly dissimilar to Tool and the organic feel is reminiscent of Coheed And Cambria. However, in truth, the material on this release calls to mind a myriad of different bands with all the ingredients blended together to create an interesting and intriguing modern alternative and progressive heavy rock sound. If you're up for a bit of a challenge, then get your lugholes around "Afterglow," because you're unlikely to regret it.