Afterglow Album Review: The Equal Ground

Right after our EP released, a writer for The Equal Ground discovered our music via our Bandcamp page. He fired off an email to us suggesting that we submit Afterglow for review and, so, that's exactly what we did. Here we are a few weeks later and their full review has dropped, complete with some wonderfully quote-worthy observations, such as:

“Open Air” has some of the best metal guitar riffs this side of Megadeth as they drive the song into oblivion.


Within the first moments the band is flexing their muscles...

Of course, we know that Stephen was the only one who actually flexed muscles during the recording process. Nonetheless, we're very grateful for the kind words and look forward to keeping up with The Equal Ground - these guys seriously pump out a lot of reviews!

Most importantly, if you want to check out the full review, head over here and be sure to leave some comments! 

Author: Nick Wiley